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Rob takes pride in offering his skill & expertise to make your home like new, providing deep cleaning and power washing services for even the hardest to reach areas. Ward Pressure Washing will revitalize your home’s exterior and surrounding property.

If the exterior of your home is looking dull and stained, pressure washing will make it look clean and bright again. It's cheaper than a paint job!  Ward Pressure Wash also provides the following residential cleaning services:

  • Garages & Concrete Floors
  • Eavestroughs
  • Fascia & Soffitt
  • Siding-wood, vinyl, shingle, brick, stucco, etc.
  • Fences & Decks
  • Patios & Driveways
  • Windows
Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara

How about your roof? Does it have black streaks? This can be mold, algae or moss. With the right cleaning product and a low pressure wash, your roof will look new again. Concrete driveways, your brick walkway or wood deck are no problem for Rob. Call 905-932-3985 today for a perfect clean that leaves your surfaces brighter and rejuvenated!

Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara   Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara   Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara
How about the cedar shakes on your house? Even those can be cleaned!

Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara

Graffiti removal:

Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara   Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara   Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara

Graffiti is an expensive, ugly blight on the urban landscape, and is especially upsetting if it is your home that has been targeted. It is ugly, it is hard to remove and in most cases it is up to you to remove it. Most municipalities have mandated that it is the property owners responsibility to remove all graffiti, and you may receive a fine if you don’t remove it in a timely fashion.  

There are many different types of paint used by vandals. The different types of paint require a different process and cleaning compound to remove effectively. We have the experience and skill to remove all types of painted graffiti without damaging the surface of your home, building or fence.

The wrong cleaner may set the paint into the surface even more, making it harder to remove. Excessive scrubbing or pressure could also damage or wear through the surface. We have the tools and products stocked in our trailer to work on even the toughest graffiti.

Call us immediately, and we will make it our priority to remove it as soon as possible.

If it is your business or commercial building that has been tagged, or you have been the target of vandals in the past, call Rob today at 905-932-3985 to discuss setting up a business maintenance account.

Ward Pressure Washing is also available to maintain storefronts and commercial buildings, helping you achieve a clean, polished and unblemished look for your business. We'll look after your:
  • Home walls
  • Roofs
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Buildings
  • Sidewalks
  • Garages
  • Driveways

Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara   Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara   Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara
Complete cleaning, bleach & rinse.

Your cistern performs two functions:
  1. It stores the water for your home.
  2. It protects the water for your home.

Your cistern is buried underground, for this reason you will get dirt in the tank.

Over time roots from trees or shrubs  may find their way into the tank. There are also openings where the lid sits on the tank, this may let bugs and other insects into the tank.

Dirty water and bacteria will build a film on the walls which will eventually start to make your water smell or taste bad.
Cleaning your cistern once a year or at the very least every other year will control the smell and tastes from your water.

We use a 6 step process to clean your cisterm:
  1. Vacuum out the tank
  2. Pressure wash the walls and floor
  3. Vacuum the water out again
  4. Spray the walls and floors with bleach and then scrub them down
  5. Wash the walls down again
  6. Vacuum the tank out for a final time.
Eavestroughs & Feed Line cleaning

Do your Eavestroughs look like this?

Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara   Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara

Leaving them in this condition will increase the weight in the eavestrough once it freezes and the ice builds up. Damage to the eavestrough and your home is very likely.

Our Eavestrough cleaning program will remove all debris, as well as wash the outside of the eavestrough leaving them with a clean appearance.

Ward Pressure Washing, Ontario, Niagara



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